It’s Tomorrow That Counts

What does the future hold for Stoke Ferry?

I just wondered where would she be in say 50 odd years from now when she’s about the age I am now. What job or jobs will she have had, a family maybe? While I’m not of the view that my days are over I have to admit more of my life is behind me rather than in front; how different from this young lady with her whole life ahead of her. She lives somewhere, but where? I don’t know. I didn’t ask her. For all I know she might live in Stoke Ferry and, with that, my mind went there.

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It’s Time For A Commercial

The congregation dwindles

The other day I was painting away with a dear Lady volunteer. You have to agree that in all of my articles it isn’t long before a Lady appears on the scene; well it’s a question of getting your priorities right. Anyway this charming Lady turned up with a young man aged about 12 and she told me he was a Buddhist. My Lady volunteer is a Roman Catholic and she concluded I was a Methodist. In reality I think I’m more of a heathen with Communistic Tendencies. So you could say we had three different Religions working together in complete harmony, maybe the three of us ought to go off to Northern Ireland and the Middle East; we might be able to teach them a thing or two.

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This War

One Man’s View

The attack on the World Trade Centre must rank amongst the world’s worst disaters and is clearly the worst ever terrorist action. Of course there have been worse disasters due to earthquakes but never surely so many people killed in such a small area. The horror of the last moments of those trapped in the building and those in the aircraft will haunt us for years. No matter what cause the terrorists thought they were serving they performed the most evil of acts and, if there is a god, he must surely condemn their souls to eternal damnation.

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Are You Sure It’s You?

Take a closer look

The more I think of this the more appeal it has. Can we from now on take people as face value? Are they indeed who we think they are? How often do you meet some people and you get the impression they think they are full of their own importance? Well, they may well be justified in thinking that. The next time you are in your local Supermarket take a much closer look at the Manager. No wonder he looks a little bit like Tony Blair; for all you know it may well be him. After all, a lot of people go moonlighting; why shouldn’t he.

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So here we are again with the dark evenings. Of course the amount of daylight hours is something that we can do nothing about. What we can do, however, is adjust our clocks in order to obtain the maximum benefit from what little light there is. How to adjust those clocks has been a matter of almost endless debate throughout my lifetime and it is clear that what suits some does not suit others; but I have to admit that I have never felt that the adjustment chosen by the powers that be has been the best that could be done. British Summer Time (Greenwich Mean Time plus one hour) was first introduced in 1916. Since that time there has been a number of adjustments and BST has started as early as 18 February and ended as late as 19 November, which is, I suppose, a measure of the extent to which the debate has ranged. The present arrangements were introduced as recently as 1972.

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